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  • Turkish Court of Cassation25 Feb 2013Turkey

    Cancelation of the Check upon Loss – Court of Venue

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  • Turkish Court of Cassation07 May 2013Turkey

    Statute of Limitations for Checks – Execution of Laws Regarding Time – The Principle of Non-retroactivity of Laws

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  • Turkish Court of Cassation13 Dec 2010Turkey

    Consumer Court – Sale of Defective Goods – Vehicle Replacement/Return of Payment – Abatement of Purchase Amount

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  • Turkish Court of Cassation01 Jul 2015Turkey

    Relationship Between Primary Employer – Sub-Employer Transfer of Workplace– Severance Pay

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  • Turkish Court of Cassation13 Apr 2013Turkey

    Conditions for property to be pledged as another's asset – Cadastre survey – Places excluded from registry

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  • Turkish Court of Cassation05 Dec 2013Turkey

    German Annuity Insurance – Date of Commencement of Insurance – Determination of Earning of the Right to Elderly Pension

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  • Turkish Court of Cassation04 Feb 2013Turkey

    Transfer of the Working Relation – Payment of the Wage for the Unused Leaves upon Completion of the Working Contract

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