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  • Egypt Court of Cassation25 Nov 2014Egypt

    Litigation Procedure – Appeal – Lack of Resources – Judgment

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  • Egypt Court of Cassation10 Nov 2015Egypt

    Tax Mission's Estimations – Stamp Taxes – Right to Appeal – Constitutional Court – Egypt Income Tax Law

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  • Egypt Court of Cassation12 Jan 2004Egypt

    Divorce – Maintenance – Children – Custody – Property - Eviction

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  • Morocco Court of Cassation09 May 2007Morocco

    Banking law – Credit payment instruments – Bill of Exchange – Payment of Bill of Exchange – Stop Payment on Bill of Exchange – Special Contracts – Obligations – Mandate – Damage – Material damage – Non-material damage, evidence of damage

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  • Egypt Court of Cassation24 Apr 2001Egypt

    Imported Goods – Customs Duties – Tax on imported goods

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  • Egypt Court of Cassation02 Oct 2000Egypt

    Tax Mission's Estimations – Net Profits – Commissions Exempt from Tax - Egypt Law No 157/1981

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  • Egypt Court of Cassation09 Mar 2011Egypt

    Action for annulment – Permitted only for arbitral awards settling the dispute – Request for annulment of a partial arbitral award not permitted – Rejection of the challenge

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  • Egypt Court of Cassation21 Jan 2016Egypt

    Stamp Taxes – Court Authority – Administrative Law - Jurisdiction

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  • Egypt Court of Cassation29 Mar 2001Egypt

    Guarantees – Bank – Delayed Deposits – Stamp Taxes

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  • Egypt Court of Cassation13 Nov 2001Egypt

    Judge – Work – Benefits – Holiday

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