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  • 07 Feb 2019United Arab Emirates

    The UAE’s Climate Change and Environment Ministry has issued Ministerial Decision No 21/2019 on the use of recycled aggregates from construction and demolition waste for road construction and other infrastructure projects carried out by the public and private sectors in the country.

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  • 07 Feb 2019Bahrain - Kuwait - Oman - Qatar - Saudi Arabia - United Arab Emirates

    Businesses liable for value-added tax (VAT) in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states will usually have to complete an apportionment exercise in order to correctly calculate the extent to which they are entitled to deduct the VAT they incur on their own purchases.

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  • 05 Oct 2018Turkey

    The Communique Amending the Communique on Procedures and Principles Regarding the Issuing of Building Registration Certificates (Communique) was published in the Official Gazette on 20 September 2018, entering into force on the same day and bringing to an end many questions about the practice commonly known as Zoning Forbearance, especially regarding commercial real estate and removing many obstacles previously standing in the way of applications.

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  • 04 Oct 2018Egypt

    The Egyptian Government has recently issued Egypt Law No 174/2018 (the Law) reducing late tax payment interest and penalties based on the payment day of the taxes due. The Law aims at encouraging earlier payment of taxes due in addition to improving relations between the tax authorities and taxpayers.

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  • 01 Oct 2018Qatar

    Following publication of the Qatar Official Gazette, issue 13 by the Government of Qatar, the Gazette is now browsable on the Qatar Official Gazettes Index source on the Gazettes page on Lexis Middle East Law.

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  • 01 Oct 2018Kuwait

    Following publication of the Kuwait Official Gazette, issue 1411 by the Government of Kuwait, the Gazette is now browsable on the Kuwait Official Gazettes Index source on the Gazettes page on Lexis Middle East Law.

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