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  • UK Chancery Division

    Trust and trustee – Duty of trustee – Duty towards beneficiary – Investments – Power of investment – Pension fund – Mineworkers' pension scheme – Scheme authorising overseas investment and investment in energy resources competing with coal – Trustees appointed by mineworkers seeking to restrict investments to investments in Britain and in industries not competing with coal – Whether trustees of pension fund subject to general law relating to trustees – Whether trustees entitled to prohibit particular investment for social or political reasons.

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  • Federal Supreme Court16 May 2017United Arab Emirates

    Shipping – Arrest – Provisional Seizure – Fuel – Contract – Third Party – Litigation Procedure

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  • Federal Supreme Court31 Oct 2016United Arab Emirates

    Drug Offences – Sentencing – Court Authority – Criminal Procedure – Judges

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  • Federal Supreme Court22 Jun 2016United Arab Emirates

    Shipping – Unpaid Fuel – Contracts – Joint Liability

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  • Federal Supreme Court24 May 2016United Arab Emirates

    Appeal – Litigation Procedure – Notification – Time Bar

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  • Dubai Court of Cassation24 Feb 2016Dubai

    Arbitration – Capacity – Director – Articles of Association – Board – Agreement

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  • Federal Supreme Court09 Dec 2015United Arab Emirates

    Evidence – Forged Contract – Liens – Property Sale – Property Registration

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