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  • Turkish Court of Cassation05 Feb 2013Turkey

    Agreement on Prohibition of Competition – Penal Clause – Discount for Equity

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  • Turkish Court of Cassation19 Nov 2012Turkey

    Compensation Due to Permanent Incapacity As a Result of an Occupational Accident – Discount of Equity

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  • Federal Supreme Court22 Dec 2010United Arab Emirates

    Personal Injury – Compensation – Heirs – Blood Money – Trustee – Inheritance

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  • Federal Supreme Court22 Dec 2010United Arab Emirates

    Property Title – Trustee – Registration of Property – Sales Contract

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  • Bahrain Court of Cassation12 Apr 2010Bahrain

    Landlord – Tenant – Eviction – Compensation – Renewal of Tenancy agreement

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  • Bahrain Court of Cassation15 Jun 2009Bahrain

    Appeal – Trustee Dismissal – Litigation Procedure

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  • Bahrain Court of Cassation08 Jun 2009Bahrain

    Trustee Duties – Judge – Tenancy Agreement

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  • Federal Supreme Court09 Jun 2008United Arab Emirates

    Supreme Court - Common law - Cassation - Attorney – Power

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  • Federal Supreme Court12 Dec 2006United Arab Emirates

    Court Fees – Litigation Procedure – Related Request – Bank – Debt – Clearance – Cheque

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