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  • DIFC Small Claims Tribunal03 Jul 2018Dubai International Financial Centre

    Jurisdiction – Employment Dispute – Competition – Company Name Change – Employment Contract

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  • Federal Supreme Court21 Dec 2016Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

    Housing – Employee's Rights – Government Employee

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  • Federal Supreme Court07 Nov 2016United Arab Emirates

    Offences against the person – Theft – Sexual Offences – Sentencing – Correlation

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  • Federal Supreme Court17 May 2016United Arab Emirates

    Litigation Procedure – Criminal Procedures – Legal Profession – Public Prosecution - Appeal

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  • Turkish Court of Cassation04 May 2016Turkey

    Companies – Merger and Acquisition – Corporate Capital – Asset Influx – Shareholder equity –company equity

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  • Egypt Court of Cassation18 Apr 2016Egypt

    Validation of Contract – Amendments – Contracting Parties

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  • Dubai Court of Cassation15 Mar 2016Dubai - United Arab Emirates - Saudi Arabia

    Marriage – Maintenance – Evidence – Conflict of Law

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  • Federal Supreme Court25 Nov 2015United Arab Emirates

    Personal Injury – Insurance – Car Accident – Diyyah – Blood money – Compensation for defect of sold value – Compensation for damages – Moral damages

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