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  • Egypt Court of Cassation24 Nov 2016Egypt

    Tax Exemption – Law coming into force – Settlement

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  • Dubai Court of Cassation21 Oct 2015Dubai

    Arbitration clause – Jurisdiction – Authority to agree arbitration – Director – Limited Liability Company

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  • Egypt Court of Cassation21 Jun 2015Egypt

    Agricultural Land – Seizure – Compensation – Committee for Agrarian Reform – Unconstitutional

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  • Turkish Court of Cassation07 Apr 2015Turkey

    Seizure of the Assets of a Municipality – Removal of Seizure – Notification by a Municipality of the Assets That Will Be Sufficient To Cover the Debt

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  • Federal Supreme Court25 Feb 2015United Arab Emirates

    Personal Injury – Workplace Accident – Insurance – Health and Safety Breach

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  • Turkish Court of Cassation22 Jan 2015Turkey

    Stay of Enforcement – Finalization of an Enforcement Proceeding – Determination of the Period of the Statute of Limitations in Cheques – Period of Representation

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  • Egypt Court of Cassation01 Jan 2015Egypt

    Tax demand – Net gain – Use of cards – Livestock Farming – Court Expertise

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