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  • Jordan Court of Cassation22 Sep 2011Jordan

    Insurance contract – Legal solutions – Hamburg Convention – Ratification by Jordan – Priority of applying it

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  • Jordan Court of Cassation18 May 2011Jordan

    Subcontract – Invocation of the referral of the dispute to arbitration – Necessity to reject the case before the courts – Rejection of the appeal in cassation

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  • Jordan Court of Cassation19 Apr 2011Jordan

    Arbitrators' fees – Non-agreement of the parties thereon – Determination thereof by a decision issued by the arbitral tribunal – Decision thereof subject to challenge before the Court of Appeal

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  • Jordan Court of Cassation06 Oct 2010Jordan

    Arbitral award – Recognition thereof by the court of competent jurisdiction – Order to enforce it

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  • Jordan Court of Cassation20 Apr 2010Jordan

    Work contract – Arbitration clause – Labor rights can be subject to conciliation – Reversal of the decision not taking into consideration the existence of the arbitration clause

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  • Jordan Court of Cassation17 Mar 2010Jordan

    Decision upholding the arbitral award and ordering the enforcement thereof – Conclusive decision not subject to appeal in cassation – Rejection of the appeal in cassation on procedural grounds

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  • Bahrain Court of Cassation29 May 2006Bahrain - Jordan

    Insurance – Inheritance – Road Traffic Accident – Personal Injury – Compensation

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  • Dubai Court of Cassation13 Feb 2006Dubai - Jordan

    Divorce – Domestic Abuse – Maintenance – Dowry – Offences against the person

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  • International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes31 Jan 2006Jordan

    BITs – Dam Construction – Contract – Jurisdiction

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