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Queries and Requesting Documents

You can request a document here.

If you have any other questions contact us here.

How does request a document work?

  • You can request a law from the official gazette or case to be provided to you in English or Arabic for any GCC country your firm has a subscription to except Bahrain. Turkey is also not included in the document request service.
  • If your firm does not have a subscription to that jurisdiction a charge will be potentially made.

What is not in scope?

  • The document request service is not a legal request service. We do not answer legal questions or do research for the names of cases or laws on particular topics. You are required to provide a case or law number for the document you are requesting.
  • Lexis Middle East Law is not legally allowed to publish draft laws unless they have been published on an official government site. As a result we can only supply laws which have been gazetted.
  • If you request a draft law or law which has not yet been gazetted your request will be held on our system until the law is officially published in the gazette. When that happens you will be notified and the law which has been requested will be prioritised and supplied directly to those who have requested it at draft stage.
  • Requests for Turkey or Bahrain are not within the scope of the document request service, only requests for UAE, Saudi, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar.

What happens after I make a request?

  • During Middle East Working hours your request will be reviewed within 24 hrs to check if we already have the document on our site or content pipeline, and if it is within the scope of your subscription.
  • If the request is on our site or in our content pipeline you will be given a supply date and/or a link to the document.
  • If the request is not in our pipeline our research team will undertake research for the Arabic source document needed to provide the document you require.
    (Please note: In some cases our researchers have to physically visit relevant ministries to try to obtain documents so the required time for this stage varies.)
  • If the source Arabic cannot be located or there are multiple possible documents you will be asked to provide clarification.
    (Please note: Researching will not be able to continue until those clarifications are supplied by you.)
  • If we do not receive the necessary clarifications we will send three reminders spread over three weeks – after that time the request will be closed and you would need to resubmit your request.
  • Once the Arabic source document is located it will be supplied to you along with an estimated delivery date for the English translation.
  • It may take time to locate and source a document. After a document is located, translation time varies with the length and complexity of the document. Averages are:
Law or Legislation 1 to 5 pages Within 2 days
Law or Legislation 6 to 10 pages Within 4 days
Law or Legislation 11 to 15 pages within 7 days
Law or Legislation 16 to 25 pages within 11 days
Law or Legislation 26 to 35 pages Within 15 days
Law or Legislation 36 to 50 pages Within 22 days
Case Decisions 1 to 5 pages Within 4 days
Case Decisions 6 to 10 pages Within 9 days

You can request a document here.