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UAE: Animal Welfare Regulation Issued

13/12/2018: The UAE’s Climate Change and Environment Ministry has issued the Implementing Regulations to Federal Law No 16/2007, as amended by Federal Law No 18/2016 on Animal Welfare. The Regulations define terms, freedom of movement of animals, sanitary and technical conditions for animal care and accommodation facilities, requirements for animal feeding and conditions and specifications for loading, transporting and feeding animals. They also specify the duties of animal care providers, including releasing animals from their care to the relevant authorities and the maintenance of animals’ survival. It covers duties in maintaining animal health, inspecting animals at least once a day to ensure safety, providing specialist health care, necessary precautions against harm, recording day-to-day practices, facilities and maintenance. Negligence applies to providing inadequate food, rest or shelter, beating animals, forced detention without cause and exposing animals used for riding, loading or transport to excessive stress and not taking into account their capacity. Selling an infected or sick animal is banned. They also cover mixing different animal types when transporting, using animals for entertainment purposes and feeding.